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tv   Headline News  RT  July 1, 2014 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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instead. to be in the. middle. or headlines ukraine's military resumes its operations in the east with attacks on several cities after president poroshenko refuses to extend this cease fire. despite down intense diplomatic effort by europe and russia vladimir putin sees that his ukrainian counterpart very full responsibility for any bloodshed after scrapping the truce. plus the western oil industry seeks to cash in on the instability in iraq as the un reveals the advance of islamist terrorist made june the bloodiest month in the country this year. also in iraq this hour a new report reveals blackwater mercenaries threaten to kill u.s. officials sent to investigate them appropriately benchley suppressed on the details
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. broadcasting live from our new center here in moscow twenty four hours a day you're switched on to r.t. international by names you know neal our top story the ukrainian army has resumed a full scale military crackdown on the eastern provinces attacking several cities and a temporary ceasefire ended overnight with kiev refusing to extended but this is the result of the attacks that began right after the end of the truce it's a school in the city of. a hole punched through its wall by a mortar round the residential areas of the city injured several hours of shelling over night. the journalist film about footage come to get one captured got caught in the
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shelling himself he sent us this video. well. he said he heard around four dozen explosions and eventually had to take shelter in a basement. for. president petro poroshenko says there will be no further truce accusing the self-proclaimed republics of failing to abide by it. but we will have been liberated of those in years ukraine's armed forces the national guard in iraq and the visions will never be enough votes against civilians he will never target because they generally does unscrupulous the the military operation resumed almost instantly after that statement.
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locals in the city of prominent horse kasabian will come up to the son of an early raid siren videos have emerged showing the aftermath of the shelling and i say you can see residential houses and shops have once again suffered a lot of heavy damage. this is the latest footage we've received from the dinette region you can see plumes of black smoke reportedly the consequences of the fighting that resumed overnight the smoke coming from a spot where a great patriotic war memorial is located. describe the situation in the area. the large scale military operation the case of calls anti terror operation is now officially resumed in eastern ukraine the most dramatic picture we see in the town
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of kut i'm a tourist can denounce krege and it used to be one of the two major epicenter is of kiev's operation and we spoke to a foreign journalist currently on the ground and this is how he describes the situation there right now. jet. blue were barred. i mean. really. from a. slowdown scream aims another target can't tell you the ukrainian army for months these town in the next creighton show severe attacks by the ukrainian military and fierce clashes between the army and to government forces left in resulted in fatalities including him on civilian population and now again we start receiving alarming messages from these town as well there are the words
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you. don't want to see when you were there well of which who. was for the who was for sure none yet for third this is all of us those who think that we should force them to go with. them with. the world with you at the for the news of the battle mode with the bomb. we wish you could be with the locals because. i'm not in the city of the gods from what she can see and hear you may think that it is calm here but overnight and early in the morning we heard a teary and these were the sounds that work people up today they're very exhausted very very tired of the situation and they had help said the ceasefire will be extended and that will help bring peace to this part of the country but now these
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hopes are fading. now ukraine's president says peace is still possible if the government forces agree to the plan he outlined earlier but foreign affairs experts say there are a few reasons to believe that his proposal was not a peace plan it was essentially a demand for unconditional surrender offering zero guarantees to the people fighting for their self-determination that they would have any of their legitimate demands met by the government in kiev there's absolutely no chance for the rebels to take the so-called peace plan into vitamins let alone consideration somebody is obviously lying if president poroshenko making a statement that is obviously not true on its face and i think it's helped the u.s. who is lying if we have documented instances of ukrainian troops troops loyal to either a government in kiev or the oligarchy order right sector leaders for their all in the same side if we have documented instances of them bombing civilians and
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murdering innocents then i don't see why we should take president poroshenko at his word. let's take a look back now at the cease fire the feel to hold it was announced ten days ago in an attempt to restore peace in the kiev and the self-proclaimed republics met for the first time and create a seven day through on wed and stay legal permission for the use of russia's military force in ukraine was counseled out by the mere putin's request two days later the truce was extended for seventy two hours with government forces promising to abide by it on monday moscow invited international monitors on the ukrainian military to work together on the russia you korean border. to russian journalists have come under fire near lugansk and eastern ukraine and a shell exploded near a reporter and cameraman working for ren t.v. reporter spoke to us shortly afterwards. after we filmed an interview there was a sudden explosion i don't. this
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just comes a day after a cameraman from channel one was killed in a shooting near a military base in eastern ukraine the results of his autopsy have now been made public according to the medics to. which proved fatal the bullet tearing. through a stick of an assault rifle hitting protected target commemoration ceremony for the man will be held in moscow tomorrow. since the beginning of the conflict five journalists have been killed and several wounded including one from police service and correspondents for various other russian news channels branded interrogated and even beaten while working there ukrainian t.v. station says one of its crews has been detained by self-defense fighters.
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by ordering a new offensive few cranes recently elected leader has willingly fully accept the responsibility for the bloodshed in the east so said putin while speaking to top russian diplomats he added that despite efforts by both him and his european counterparts they were unable to influence kiev in any way ortiz pulled scott reports. well it was the latest events in the east of ukraine which resonated most strongly during president vladimir putin speak to russian ambassador is here in moscow he stated that he believed a continuing ceasefire was the only way to secure long term pace for the troubled region however he adds that the recent ceasefire although a start was relatively futile that's because no meaningful dialogue or negotiations began between the two sides he also says that ukrainian president. now takes full responsibility for events in the east of the country. but. unfortunately
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president pershing co made the decision to resume the military operation we my counterparts in the western media were unable to persuade him that long lasting peace cannot be achieved through. mr pershing did not have anything to do with the previous armed operations but now he has taken full responsibility for the continuation of this military campaign while the president also went on to add that he believed the ukrainian military were deliberately targeting russian journalists in the east of the country he says that those that try and stop the flow of information are those that commit crimes those that have the most to fear and the most to lose putin also added that if russia felt that its territory or its citizens were under threat then all options remain on the table these included he said political and economic moves as well as self-defense. for the full video of president putin speech as well as talking points discussion head over to r.t. dot com where you'll also find much more background information.
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it's far from being calm and peaceful even in the capital of kiev and angry mob has been blocking the exits of the ukrainian parliament. i think. shots were reportedly fired into the air as they cried vented its anger over the poor economic state of the country their key demand was that banks all owns to the local currency. well you can see here just how the value all of the reeves now has plummeted against the dollar the euro indeed the coup followed by political instability and vicious fighting in the east of the country as all contributed to the currencies fall but not present a trade pact with the e.u. on their fears the financial troubles may worsen in the short term the new agreement paves the way for toughest parts warn it could potentially turn the country into an economic clone of greece political writer john wife's agrees the
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pact will do more harm than good. this is going to be a girl where there's a master this is ideologically driven is not driven an interest of the people of ukraine is ideologically driven and i think it will spell economic chaos for the people of ukraine it's not going to get any better the e.u. is still trying to move over session itself and it seems very very hard to believe that the you want sure you created a corner of the. i think on it's come to light that the top commander of the american mercenary company blackwater threatened to kill government officials sent to investigate the firm the story broken by the new york times shows the incident was recorded in state department documents all the way back to the iraq war what's worse special agents could do nothing about it because of blackwater's power up the time even the american embassy in baghdad sided with the mercenaries the incident allegedly took place just weeks before one block or unit killed seventeen civilians
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in the iraqi capital over the years the u.s. government has been accused of using the company to do its dirty work abroad blackwater is believed to have assisted the cia's drone mission in pakistan the government paid millions of dollars to the contractor enough. allowed it to have its own military bases there as well but the spites rebranding in renaming the company has failed to escape its checkered past as marina explains when a newspaper publishes an exclusive story it's usually explicitly promoted like a journalistic badge of honor the new york times published a bombshell revelation monday but millions of readers may have actually overlooked this story due to the innocuous headline that was buried on the margin of the front page see here it says before shooting in iraq morning on blackwater well what this headline does not convey is that a lot waters top manager in iraq threatened to kill
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a state department official who was investigating the company back in two thousand and seven according to the new york times this happened as jeanne richter i diplomatic security special agent and his colleague discovered a long list of contract violations and misconduct by the security company a company paid more than one billion dollars to protect american diplomats in iraq the reported death threat occurred when the state department investigator met with blood. waters' project manager during questioning the block porter official reportedly told the investigator quote that he could kill me at that very moment and no one could or would do anything about it as we were in iraq unquote according to the new york times u.s. embassy officials in baghdad sided with blackwater over the dispute and the state department agents were ordered to leave the country because their probe disrupted the embassy's relationship with the hired mercenaries the revealing story was
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written by two time pulitzer prize winning american journalist and author james risin a man who the obama administration has been optically attempting to imprison for refusing to reveal his sources you see this is the type of story the white house does not want disclosed to the public and based on the boring headline critics believe that the new york times considered a friend of the obama administration wasn't too eager to publicize the amazing scoop a story that shows just how much power block water wielded in iraq and the culture of impunity it operated in. new york. after the threat the intimidated u.s. state department agents tried to stay out of sight in iraq refusing even to eat dinner in public but mercenaries they reported behave as if they were above the law and run the place former u.s. state department official peter van buren told us everyone knew blackwater was simply out of control. the state department was so afraid of its mission in iraq
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being slowed down or delayed by replacing blackwater as a contractor that they were willing to accept almost any standards of behavior out of the company in order to continue the contract even though they understood it was detrimental to u.s. aims blackwater was an organization out of control in iraq and we now have absolute proof that the state department who was supposed to control them knew that they were out of control knew that they were dangerous people knew that they were acting contrary to u.s. policy aims and did nothing ok we're going to go to a very short break but stick around because we've got a report about the expectations that western oil companies have of the conflict in iraq coming right up.
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back to the program the u.n. has named june the deadliest month for iraq that he would twenty four hundred people killed there in the past thirty days alone all that because of a sweeping offensive by radicals who have declared on the slum a caliphate in the northeast of the country and they're moving towards the capital the bloodshed is fracturing iraqi society with the kurd minority reportedly planning to hold a referendum on independence in the coming months kurdish authorities are already demanding more political powers from the central government but as artie's polly boyko reports some western energy companies are ready to cash in on the divisions and violence. iraq on the brink of all out civil war for oil giants such as b.p. and shell pulled workers from oil fields in the south and east of the country earlier this month but north of kirkuk in the semi autonomous region of iraq kurdistan is
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an oasis of tranquility and smaller british soil companies are reaping the benefits take for example canal energy run by for my b.p. past tony hayward the company recently started pumping oil from its brand new k r i pipeline which runs from the semi autonomous region of iraqi kurdistan over to turkey from where kurdish oil and gas can be sold to international markets for smaller british oil companies such as well headquartered here in london working in kurdistan is beneficial they get access to oil reserves in the north of iraqi kurdistan and in turn the money that they pay for it increases the financial independence of a separatist region let's desperate to break away from the rest of iraq where jihadist groups are running riot iraqi kurdistan insists that they have the moral and constitutional right to export their own oil with canelo bypassing the central
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government baghdad however isn't happy about it refusing consent to give nels planned exports and even stepping in with an arbitration suit to stop the first batch of oil from being sold on world markets the iraqi government is accusing the cordage. national or the british company. in one. could be. that process analysts say that iraq's crumbling all authority could be beneficial for smaller british oil companies which don't get a look in on oil fields run by corporate giants in southern iraq too small to really. own. so what about a bet even. getting away with. it we never. can now energy isn't being
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pushed to the right curtis stone called keystone several sites in kurdish north iraq the city now in production with that oil and canals pipeline that runs directly from the region these small british players could be installed from massive profits while the baghdad likes it or not. an independent kurdistan is something the israeli prime minister has already voiced his support towards binyamin netanyahu believes the kurds have proven their political commitment to moderation and should be granted independence the director of the institute of culture first sees the emergence of an autonomous kurdistan is in the interest of western powers. they want to see the kurdish state separate from iraq and that's very clearly. and very clear in the action
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and the way that the united states government for example dealt with the kurdish takeover of coke you see favoritism to put the stand that's going to stand actually has been getting way more than its share in terms of crew sources and power structure yet nobody's talking about the conditional or the negative conditional in what happened in the past two weeks basically allowing and accepting the first take over the oil of course because kurdistan needs that oil to be a functioning state that's one one of the last part of what could just once. japan's ruling parties have agreed to lift the self-imposed ban on overseas military operations for the first time since the second world war this decision to change the constitution provoked a wave of protests the following footage contains graphic scenes one are bridge man even went so far as to set himself on fire he is currently in hospital while the
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latest rally outside the prime minister's office in tokyo gathered around ten thousand people and even led to clashes with police the protesters criticize the government failing to hold a referendum on the issue. of the change may affect the balance of power in the region as japan could not help its allies fight overseas at the same time the u.s. is the point more troops to the area washington has around eighty thousand military personnel and more than forty bases across the asia pacific region while some experts don't see the new changes particularly serious others warn it could have grave consequences in case of a future conflict. whatever is going to bring. you further. your impact more it will be united states you know. a little bit more of their read. here one of your characters are all
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this move by the japanese prime minister to essentially change the constitution by c.e.o. we have two very powerful countries china japan and japan is as a military alliance with the united states so if circe any kind of dust up between japan and china then we're talking back to nuclear powers butting heads and i'm a little surprised that people are not maybe more concerned about this situation and they are they have to. do thirds majority from both houses and then it will become a referendum for the people what ave has done has circumvented all of that and declared that his resolution can just reinterpret the constitution and that's a very dangerous power even if you agree with what he's doing and process fairly he's doing it he's completely you able. to some more world headlines hundreds have gathered for the funerals of three jewish teenagers that read ducted three weeks
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ago one fine day in the west bank these are live pictures you are seeing the last time they were seen the boys were hitchhiking home from jewish religious schools in the west bank city of hebron following their disappearance israel launched its largest drawn operation in the area in nearly a decade the spotting thought actions of troops in the search hundreds of hamas operatives were also arrested with the israeli prime minister believing the group was behind the abduction hours after the bodies were found israel launched air strikes on the gal's a strip on the i.d.f. say it has arrested two main suspects in the killing of the teens. some one thousand farmers rallied in the philippine capital of manila protesters some of whom had marched for days are demanding for land reform because the government all feeling to give them land that was promised way back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. members of the u.k. independence party have not exactly given the warmest the welcomes to
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a new session of the european parliament headed by leader nigel farage they turn their backs on the orchestra to started to play them to mark the beginning of the session it was part of a way to express their protest against policies along with the reelection of the parliament's president they claim returning german socialist martin schultz to the post was a quote. even before the focus. of the news this hour but up next because i'll be martin is breaking the set once again. as a new physician i swear to abide by the hippocratic oath. to the best of my ability and judgment. i will prescribe for the good of
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my patients. i will not give deadly doses to anybody. or advise of those to do so. i will never do harm to the. doctors of the dogs on. war is probably the most complex of all human activity. all of us are still locked up. in the phenomenon of friendly fire probably extends back to the invention of gunpowder. just killed a bunch of people you know don't know if they're on the premises there are of us people. right now reading. this something
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shoots my brother in the leg not intentional because it is because it was night times four in the morning even the best commanders even the mesh shoulder. are going to make mistakes does this whole idea of brotherhood an author and an end camaraderie in this sense it was in this context it has absolutely no place. this is what we do we kill people and break things we can see something if simple as people playing a soccer game you can see individual players and if you see the ball. you can almost see his facial expression you can see his mouth open and crying out. maybe
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he cursed us or maybe he asked. for forgiveness for. there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured. i was a go and i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set so as you know this country is struggling mass water shut off in detroit homes are being foreclosed upon and our infrastructure is collapsing.


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